Dear Marian,

The blueberry sauce from your steak sounds amazing and reminds me of this place in Florence I went to back when I studied abroad. I also thoroughly enjoyed the funny or die video which I forwarded on to about 100 of my friends. On to me, last weekend Adam and I decided to bike to the top of Manhattan. Sixteen miles in, we stopped at one of NYC best BBQ joints, Dinosaur BBQ which completely voided out the whole point of the ride. We started out the meal with their amazing BBQ’ed chicken wings which inspired me to make some of my own the very next night.

Dinosaur BBQ Inspired Grilled Wings

I defrosted the wings in a salt and sugar bath, killing two birds with one stone by defrosting and brining at the same time. I use the method every time I cook chicken because the defrosting time is greatly minimized. After a couple of hours, I washed off the brine and completely dried the wings. I liberally salt and peppered them and put them on a grill for about 15 minutes on each side. Right before they were done, I doused them with a mixture of Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce and a generous squeeze of sirracha.  You can let these guys cook on the grill for as long as you like; if you want a more crispy wing let them sit for a while if not take them off after you sauce-em.

The grill has been my best friend lately! I love summer and especially the grill.Unfortunately I do not have any video’s for you, but I did include some of the pic’s I snapped while biking.

Miss you,